Open letter: An ambitious Renovation Wave now

Brussels, 14 September 2020


In December 2019, the Renovation Wave was announced as a key European initiative to support the European Green Deal. It has been made clear that decarbonising the EU’s building stock will support massive job creation and sustainable growth, driving the economic recovery from the ongoing economic and health crisis.

We have been very supportive of this flagship EU initiative since the start. This is why we now express our concern on the recently announced delay to the presentation of this vital initiative in addition to the apparent lack of dedicated EU funding for this initiative.

The foundations for an effective and ambitious Renovation Wave based on concrete actions and ‘shovel-ready’ solutions must be:

Integrated building renovations: Boosting integrated renovations for energy efficient, renewable-based and flexible buildings, to attain climate neutrality in the most cost-effective and timely manner, including the development of industrial style renovations to accelerate speed,

Energy Efficiency and Renewables First principle: in line with the Energy System Integration Strategy and the upcoming Climate Law, these principles must be applied to all aspects of building renovations, also looking at the broader energy system dimension and improving the Indoor Environmental Quality, health and wellbeing of people,

Dedicated financial flows: it is crucial to secure a dedicated financial envelope within the Recovery and Resilience Facility, and other available funding sources, to increase the rate and quality of the renovation and to support integrated building renovations that will deliver decarbonisation before 2050. Instead of an unclear allocation of resources to integrated building renovations within InvestEU, a dedicated “European Renovation Financing Facility”, financed with at least 90 billion euros per annum, would be fit for this purpose,

Structured partnership: it is key to regularly bring together Member States, regional governments, financial institutions, consumer organisations and stakeholders involved in integrated building renovations to report on progress, identify bottlenecks and remedial actions to ensure the pace of renovations remains aligned to the need for decarbonisation before 2050. An alignment with the European Climate Pact would strengthen the ownership of integrated building renovations by citizens and local communities.

The European Parliament’s Committee on Industry, Research and Energy recently made concrete and ambitious proposals to make the Renovation Wave a success. We now call on the other EU institutions and on EU Member States to demonstrate the same level of ambition and we are at your disposal to work with you and roll out the full potential of this initiative.



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Letter: Energy efficient, renewable and flexible buildings – an integrated approach to the “Renovation wave” will secure climate-neutrality and deliver green growth for Europe

Energy efficiency, renewables and flexibility organisations join forces to call for an integrated approach to the Renovation wave to secure climate-neutrality and deliver green growth in the post Covid-19 reality.


To the kind attention of Mr Ciarán Cuffe MEP
Cc: Shadow Rapporteurs and ITRE Members of the European Parliament

Brussels, 2 April 2020

RE: Energy efficient, renewable and flexible buildings – an integrated approach to the “Renovation wave” will secure climate-neutrality and deliver green growth for Europe

Dear Mr Cuffe,
Dear Members of the European Parliament,

The undersigned European business associations and NGO welcome the launch of a Parliamentary debate on the “Renovation Wave” to inspire the proposal by the Commission in autumn 2020.
The achievement of climate neutrality by 2050 requires a cross-sectorial effort. The building stock in the EU must provide a significant contribution as it accounts for over 36% of EU CO2 emissions and approximately half of its total primary energy demand. In a fast- changing energy system, the path towards a highly energy efficient and decarbonised building stock is key. We trust that your report “Maximising the energy efficiency potential in the EU building stock” will recognise and promote fully integrated renovations for energy efficient, renewables-based and flexible buildings.


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