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Here below the benefits of joining the Alliance:

Policy influence

Through the work of our working groups we provide business inputs to key decision makers and contribute to shape the European energy policy, regulatory and financing framework.


Thanks to our strategic positioning as key industrial stakeholders and our involvement, since the earliest phases of policy development, both at EU and national level, we are able to provide our members with focused and valuable information and advice.


Over the years we have developed a broad network of contacts inside and outside the European Institutions. In order to explain energy efficiency, members have the opportunity to showcase projects, products and solutions through events, workshops and bilateral meetings.


Joining forces with some of the most progressive businesses and renown brands in the world strengthen your credibility before EU and National policy makers and increase your visibility through our communication channels, speaking opportunities and media exposure.

For more detailed overview of the activities carried out by the European Alliance to Save Energy in 2021 , please consult the attached annual review.


"Raising ambition on energy efficiency can make our economies more resilient to future crisis and help us out of the current one", said @IEA's Keisuke Sadamori launching #EnergyEfficiency 2022

Read the report here 👉

Energy Efficiency 2022 is out now!

It shows that global energy efficiency progress is accelerating amid the global energy crisis, signalling a potential turning point after years of slow improvement.


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