Membership categories

We have four membership categories: Board Member, Member Plus, Thematic Member and Honorary Members.

Currently the Thematic Membership concerns the following thematic working groups:

  • Water-Energy Nexus
  • MFF and Recovery Fund
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewables Synergies (under development)
  • Energy Efficiency in Industry (under development)

The work of a thematic working group focuses exclusively on one specific topic. Please contact us for more information.Ā 

The Honorary Membership is dedicated to a cross-party and cross-national group of Members of the European Parliament.

How to join

Becoming the next member of the Alliance is easy. Fill in the Application Form. The Board of Directors looks forward to read about your motivation to join. Applications are processed within 10 working days. For more information and/or clarification please contact us.

šŸŒ† How #cities will rebound from the Covid-19 crisis?
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For buildings, the EU should prioritise #energyefficiency options as they can immediately deliver real carbon savings, while accelerating the integration of #renewables

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