Membership categories

We have three membership categories: Board Member, Thematic Member and Honorary Member.

Currently the Thematic Membership concerns the following thematic working groups:

  • Water-Energy Nexus
  • Energy Efficiency and digitalisation (under development)
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewables Synergies (under development)
  • Energy Efficiency in Industry (under development)

Thematic working groups focus exclusively on one specific topic. If you are interested in one of the above-mentioned topics, please contact us for more information. 

The Honorary Membership is dedicated to a cross-party and cross-national group of Members of the European Parliament.

How to join

Becoming a member of the Alliance is easy. Please fill in the Form and we will get back to you with more information. Applications are processed within 10 working days. For more information and/or clarification please contact us.

Night-shift in European Parliament, we just struck a deal amongst negotiators on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

Good for jobs, climate and tackling energy poverty. Now on to Committee, Plenary, Trialogue with @sweden2023eu and implementation #EPBD

‼️Urgent reminder‼️

➡️Public buildings must be exemplary when it comes to energy renovation
➡️This is to be discussed today by
@Europarl_EN and @sweden2023eu
➡️EU Parliament's strong position on #EED Article 6 must be kept. This should be a non-negotiable!


📆Domani, martedì 31 gennaio, dalle 14:30 alle 16:00, sarà trasmesso il webinar #2 organizzato da @Kyoto_Club e @Legambiente nell’ambito della campagna “Per la #decarbonizzazione: efficienza energetica e riscaldamento negli edifici in Italia”.



👊The answer is #deeprenovation

🏡Insulating homes could reduce the EU’s energy demand by 44%, saving 777 TWh

🏆Scaling up deep renovation is a win-win for the climate & EU #energyindependence

Read our analysis 👉

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