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About us

The European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE) is a cross-sectorial multi-stakeholder business-led alliance promoting the role of energy efficiency across the whole EU energy system, from generation and local production to end use. The membership of EU-ASE brings together businesses and thought leaders, with a cross-party group of members of the European Parliament.

Since its foundation in 2010, the Alliance has helped put energy efficiency high on the agenda of EU decision makers. Together with other Brussels-based and national stakeholders it has developed and promoted the Energy Efficiency First (EE1) principle, which is now a concept introduced in the European legislative framework .

Because of the strength and number of EU-ASE members we:

  • Represent industry and thought leaders central to the energy efficiency campaign. Our members are all well-known and respected brands and NGOs, whose importance goes far beyond their individual sectors.
  • Address policy and regulatory affairs with ambitious and well-developed positions, and intervene swiftly in the energy transition debate.
  • Are able to reach out and develop partnerships with high-level politicians, policy makers and stakeholders, at EU, national and local levels, including cities.

In the Annual Review attached, you will find an overview of the activities carried out by the European Alliance to Save Energy in 2019. During the year, we worked hard to implement a very ambitious workplan structured in four objectives:

• Strengthen our role as major stakeholder in the energy efficiency and decarbonization debate
• Boost energy efficiency through the regulatory framework
• Promote energy efficiency through structural reforms
• Unleashing the energy savings potential of water efficiency in EU legislation

It was a terrific year with a couple of highlights such as the inclusion, for the first time, of the Energy Efficiency First principle in the EU regulatory framework and the European Council endorsement of climate neutrality by 2050.

Conosci @EUASE? Dal 2010 si occupa di ottimizzare il sistema energetico dell'UE in termini di efficienza e tutela degli utilizzatori finali. Con @monicafrassoni parleremo di impegno europeo per un futuro sostenibile. → https://www.eunews.it/hge7/
#eunews #HowCanWeGovernEurope #HGE7

🟢 Happening now! Tune in to watch the session "EU #EnergyEfficiency Policy Update and New Narratives to drive EE" at @EUFORES_EU #IPM20 with our president @monicafrassoni 👉http://youtu.be/1rTW8zjVmxw

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