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Investing in energy efficiency: if not now when?

As the cheapest & cleanest energy is the one we don’t need, rapidly increasing energy savings is of outmost importance to address the current crises, says Monica Frassoni in Euractiv,...

A battle for the climate inside buildings

Amidst the climate and energy crisis, Europe’s ageing building stock provides a challenge—and an opportunity, says Julie Kjestrup of the VELUX Group ahead of the first edition of the European Energy...



IEA: Energy Efficiency 2020 Report

IEA: Energy Efficiency 2020 Report

2020 saw energy efficiency’s weakest progress in a decade, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). This threatens international climate goals and makes the next three years a critical...

Night-shift in European Parliament, we just struck a deal amongst negotiators on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

Good for jobs, climate and tackling energy poverty. Now on to Committee, Plenary, Trialogue with @sweden2023eu and implementation #EPBD

‼️Urgent reminder‼️

➡️Public buildings must be exemplary when it comes to energy renovation
➡️This is to be discussed today by
@Europarl_EN and @sweden2023eu
➡️EU Parliament's strong position on #EED Article 6 must be kept. This should be a non-negotiable!


📆Domani, martedì 31 gennaio, dalle 14:30 alle 16:00, sarà trasmesso il webinar #2 organizzato da @Kyoto_Club e @Legambiente nell’ambito della campagna “Per la #decarbonizzazione: efficienza energetica e riscaldamento negli edifici in Italia”.



👊The answer is #deeprenovation

🏡Insulating homes could reduce the EU’s energy demand by 44%, saving 777 TWh

🏆Scaling up deep renovation is a win-win for the climate & EU #energyindependence

Read our analysis 👉 https://bit.ly/3imDkwb

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