On Thursday, 14 December 2023, the European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE) alongside the International Energy Agency (IEA) hosted an event presenting the IEA’s Energy Efficiency 2023 report. 

Energy Efficiency 2023 serves as the IEA’s primary annual analysis on global developments in energy efficiency markets and policy. The report explores recent trends in energy intensity, demand, and efficiency-related investment, encompassing policy and technology aspects.

This is the tenth edition, and it includes new highlights, mostly focusing on key issues facing policymakers. Notably, the report outlines the proposed global target to double energy efficiency progress and articulates the potential gains from achieving this target.

Amidst the ongoing energy and climate crises, 2023’s global energy efficiency progress, as measured by primary energy intensity, is expected to be slightly below the long-term trend, signaling a slowdown from 2022. Despite this, the report highlights a deep transformation in energy efficiency and clean energy. Governments globally are introducing or reinforcing policies and energy-saving programs, leading to the faster deployment of efficient technologies. These efforts contribute to the expected peaking of fossil fuel demand in the coming years.

Read the full report here. 

Watch the full seminar right here or on the EU-ASE YouTube channel.


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