Our message is simple: the time to create

an energy efficient Europe is now!

Vision and mission


Our vision is of a future where energy efficiency is the bedrock of the entire EU energy system and is a fundamental driver of decarbonisation, job creation, sustainable growth, competitiveness, productivity, citizens’ empowerment, innovation and energy security.

Our mission is to:

  • Prioritise energy efficiency across sectors; promote the application of the Energy Efficiency First principle for a well-functioning EU and national legislative and financial frameworks, in line with the Paris Agreement and the EU goal of climate neutrality by 2050.
  • Serve as the leading multi-stakeholder and business-led organisation advocating to reduce energy demand and ensure the efficient use of energy and resources as an essential driver for a fast and just energy transition.
  • Give visibility to the multiple benefits of energy efficiency and enhance technological, market and financial solutions that unlock the energy efficiency potential for citizens’ health, wellbeing and alleviation of energy poverty.
  • Promote a forward-looking political agenda, where energy efficiency supports GHG emission cuts through an integrated energy system, through a highly efficient and decarbonised building stock and industry, the integration of renewable energy, demand-side flexibility, the realisation of the water-energy nexus and electric mobility.
  • Promote digitalisation, efficient and smart technologies to empower European businesses and citizens and enhance their active role in the energy transition.
  • Convince policymakers and investors that energy efficiency is affordable and realistic, as it allows to “do more with less”, prevents energy waste and should be put at the heart of a competitive and sustainable economy.
  • Highlight energy efficiency as a short, medium and long term solution to reduce Europe’s energy dependence and increase energy security as “the less energy we use, the less we import”.


This is how we see the role of energy efficiency in the path towards a climate neutral EU:
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