On behalf of the European Alliance to Save Energy (EU‐ASE), we are writing to express our full support for the ongoing work of the European Commission on the revision of both the EED and EPBD.

An improved revision of both EED and EPBD would: i) enable citizens and businesses to control energy expenses; ii) reduce gas import dependency; iii) facilitate innovation and competitiveness of EU enterprises; iv) support economic recovery, jobs and growth; v) reduce EU greenhouse emissions in a cost- effective way.

There is no time to waste, now is the right time to present a proposal for a revised EPBD and EED in support of the Energy Union. Only a strengthening of both Directives at the same time will set the right regulatory framework. There is a huge untapped savings potential to be ripped, we cannot afford not to act.

The political prioritization of energy efficiency through a binding EU energy efficiency target at 40% is of utmost importance. We understand that no preferred option was identified by the Impact Assessment regarding the level of the energy savings target and its nature: this means that the final decision on its ambition will be only political, but the message that will derive from this choice will have a direct impact on EU society, business community at large and the financial sector.

An ambitious target must be also accompanied by supporting policies and measures set at EU level, notably to address the untapped potential in the buildings sector. This is why we urge the Commission to revise together both the EED and EPBD.

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