EU-ASE welcomes agreement on EPBD despite its weakened ambition

Today, two years after its initial announcement, co-legislators have reached an agreement on the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), a key piece of the Fit For 55 Package.  The political agreement on the EPBD is weaker than what is necessary to fully deliver Europe’s energy security and sustainable economic growth in the building sector. If approved and fully implemented via strong governance and a financial support framework it will still represent an important step for EU just transition.

e welcome the developments marking a pivotal step towards upgrading the efficiency of the buildings sector such as the further integration of digitalization within the EPBD. Embracing existing digital tools is essential for assessing and unlocking the full potential of actual energy performance in buildings. The reinforced provisions for technical building systems (TBS), including heating, built-in lighting, and building automation and control systems, are crucial in raising the energy efficiency level of our buildings.

Regrettably, the agreement on the EPBD misses out on setting an ambitious framework, as proposed by the European Commission and further improved by the European Parliament. The original proposal for Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), one of the main pillar of the EPBD, offered a powerful path to achieve higher energy classes for worst-performing buildings while harmonizing Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) among Member States. MEPS, as it stands in the political agreement reached today, leaves too much flexibility for Member States to achieve respectively 16% and 20-22% primary energy reduction targets of the overall energy consumption of the building stock by 2030 and 2035. This is a first step towards gradually scaling up the efforts for the entire building stock. A careful monitoring and guidance of the implementation of this centrepiece of the EBPD will be required to deliver the desired objectives. 

Another missed opportunity for the Union`s decarbonization efforts is delaying the phase out of fossil fuels in heating and cooling in buildings. The European Parliament`s step forward to end the use of fossil fuels in heating and cooling in buildings by 2035 was watered down and pushed back to 2040. Without a timely phase-out of fossil fuel boilers in buildings, the EU cannot achieve its 2050 goals. Member States and the EU are currently negotiating intensely to ensure that at COP28 there is a precise commitment to phase out fossil fuels. They need to be consistent with this commitment in EU legislation.

Despite the complexity to converge towards a more ambitious agreement, if correctly and swiftly implemented, the EPBD is capable of improving living conditions, reducing buildings` energy needs, saving billions of euros in energy costs enhancing the EU’s energy security, and boosting sustainable economic growth in the EU.

Monica Frassoni, President of the European Alliance to Save Energy, commenting on the political agreement, said: Even if the directive includes several positive provisions to improve the energy performance of the highly inefficient European building stock and the ultimate goal remains the full decarbonisation of EU buildings by 2050, we regret that minimum energy performance standards have been seriously weakened. The large flexibility and derogations conceded to governments could have been coupled with higher ambition, especially for residential buildings. If the building sector is not fully decarbonized in accordance with a clear plan and sufficient resources by 2050 it would be deleterious for citizens – especially those struggling with energy poverty – and for businesses for which the modernization of the building stock is a unique opportunity for new sustainable economic activities and job creation”.

The political agreement will need to be formalized in the next months. We count on co-legislators’ responsibility for this important final step. After, we must roll up our sleeves, walk the talk and turn our attention to deliver the full EPBD potential through robust institutional governance and private public-partnerships aimed to boost skills development, technological advances and work out innovative financing schemes. The EPBD can instigate renovations across Europe, all stakeholders will have to work together to push up the bar and increase the depth and rate of these renovations, make them cost-effective and valuable for citizens, businesses and the environment” said Quentin Galland, Chair of the European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE).


Read the full press release here.


Media contact:
Luigi Petito 
Head of Secretariat 

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EU-ASE President Monica Frassoni’s message ahead of the upcoming negotiations at #COP28

EU-ASE President Monica Frassoni speaks ahead of the upcoming negotiations at COP 28, beginning today, 30 November, running until 12 December 2023  in United Arab Emirates.

COP28 UAE will be a milestone moment when the world will take stock of its progress on the Paris Agreement. The first Global Stocktake (GST) will provide a comprehensive assessment of progress since adopting the Paris Agreement. This will help align the efforts on climate action, including measures that need to be put in place to bridge the gaps in progress.

EU-ASE President Monica Frassoni speaks ahead of these upcoming negotiations, emphasizing highlights the need to double  energy efficiency and phase out fossil fuels:

“The EU has been in the forefront of the climate race and now we see that a mixture of political fatigue and a regaining of space of eco-skeptical narrative risks hampering the major business and social opportunity that an effective and just transition can bring.”

EU-ASE and its members will continue to give a positive contribution to the completion and full implementation of the Green Deal and notably of the Energy Efficiency Directive and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

COP28, opening today in Dubai, is the right place to take actions towards a sustainable future!

Watch the full video here

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EU-ASE & Regione Lombardia event: Energy efficiency & housing renovation (Efficienza energetica e riqualificazione abitativa)

On 14 November 2023, the European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE) in collaboration with Regione Lombardia organised an event in Rome titled: Energy efficiency and housing renovation (Efficienza energetica e riqualificazione abitativa).

Taking place in the Lombardy Region Delegation office in Rome, the event served as a pivotal platform for industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to discuss topics surrounding energy efficiency and housing renovation.

Speakers of the event included:

  • Monica Frassoni, President of the European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE)
  • Paolo Buzzetti, President of ASPESI – Unione Immobiliare Roma
  • Giorgio Maione, Councilor for Environment and Climate at Lombardy Region
  • Erica Mazzetti, Member of the Environment Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and member of the Parliamentary Intergroup on Environmental Sustainability
  • Patrizio Losi, President of Federcasa
  • Felice Squitieri, Responsible for the Energy Department of Lega in the Region Lazio
  • Gaia Balzarini, Global Industry Affair Director at Danfoss
  • Nicola Badan, Country Standardization and Regulation at Schneider Electric

 View the full agenda here



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EU-ASE at European Green Deal Seminar

On Tuesday 21 November 2023, EU-ASE President Monica Frassoni will speak at a seminar hosted by ODE and COGEN Vlaanderen titled: “EU Green Deal”. Register here to attend!

The Green Deal is the European Commission’s first European climate plan to transform the European Union into a climate-neutral and sustainable continent by 2050. The Green Deal includes several measures aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For example, work is being done to promote renewable energy, improve energy efficiency in buildings and promote sustainable mobility.

What does that mean for us, this early warning about what is coming our way from the EU and outlines a framework for the next 5 to 10 years? Is the FIT for 55 package a quietly rising sea level coming our way or a tsunami?

ODE (The Sustainable Energy Organization) and COGEN Vlaanderen present to you the final revisions of this European legislation and its impact on the various technologies. EU-ASE President Monica Frassoni will give a presentation about the broad aspects of the new Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). 

View the full event programme.


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Second edition of European Energy Efficiency Day, 12 October 2023 (hybrid)

On 12 October 2023 the European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE) hosted the second edition of the “European Energy Efficiency Day” conference in hybrid format. 

Through a series of five sessions, this high-level conference brought together leading policymakers, business players and civil society organisations. The event is a unique platform to discuss energy efficiency as cost-effective and socially fair decarbonisation solution to achieve the EU Green Deal.

  • Opening Session: 09:30 – 10:00 CET. Energy efficiency – The accelerator for a more sustainable and resilient Europe.
  • Session I: 10:15 – 11:30 CET. Unleashing the power of buildings – new ambitious EU legislation, what next? 
  • Session II: 11:45 – 13:00 CET. Energy system efficiency- empowering citizens and repowering the EU.
  • Session III: 14:15 – 15:30 CET. Long-term solutions for industrial policy – the energy efficiency ecosystem. 
  • Session IV: 15:45 – 17:00 CET. Winning the skills race – Developing the future energy efficiency workforce. 

Find more information and view the full agenda:


Do you want to know more about European Energy Efficiency Day? Find out from our 2022 edition here.
You can watch all 6 recordings here & on the EU-ASE YouTube channel

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