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INFOGRAPHIC #EfficiencyFirst

These are the principles to ensure that energy efficiency investments -are systematically and fairly assessed when energy policy is     developed, are given priority when they are more cost-effective than equivalent investments in energy supply and also can compete on equal terms with investments in energy supply. Download the Infographic here...

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“Energy Union will succeed by putting Efficiency First”

As key stakeholders in the European energy industry, the members of EU-ASE welcome the creation of the Energy Union and look forward to the positive impact that its success will have on European energy security and sustainability. That success will require bold choices, the implementation of which must be characterised by policies that are...

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EU-ASE Activity Report 2014

55 articles on Brussels based, national and international online and printed media 7 events with European Commission, Parliament, diplomats & businessmen 10 speaking slots for President and members at public events Download the Activity Report here Return to Publications Latest    News Publications  Letters  Events More Info   Members  Board...

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EU-ASE Recommendations for the EU Jobs, Growth, and Investment Package

The European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE) welcomes the Jobs, Growth, and Investment Package that Commission President Juncker intends to present in the context of the upcoming Europe 2020 review. We appreciate the opportunity to offer recommendations to incorporate energy efficiency in the Package. Energy efficiency measures deserve top...

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“We are Energy Efficiency !”

Generic Energy Efficiency Facts: 2013 Oil and gas imported from the EU was worth EUR 400bn in 2013 2020 The EU`s 20% 2020 targets` gap is 68Mtoe, twice the annual consumption of Austria Strong action on Energy Efficiency in 2020 can deliver EU GDP increases of 0,53% 2030 An ambitious 2030 scenario will create 767,000 net new jobs in the EU Energy...

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Note to the Italian Prime Minister: “Stop agli sprechi!”

Lo sviluppo di una riflessione seria sull’impatto dell’efficienza energetica sull’economia e la società italiana ed europea è spesso ostacolato da tre falsi miti: 1. E’ VERO CHE FARE EFFICIENZA ENERGETICA SIGNIFICA FRENARE LA CRESCITA ECONOMICA ? 2. E’ VERO CHE LE SOLUZIONI DI EFFICIENZA ENERGETICA RICHIEDONO COSTI INIZIALI TROPPO ALTI ? 3. E’...

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“The case for European Energy Saving Target for 2030”

By adopting an ambitious mandatory energy saving target for 2030, Europe could reduce energy prices, create jobs, decrease energy consumption and cut energy imports.   Download the Leaflet here Return to Publications Latest    News Publications  Letters  Events More Info   Members  Board of Directors Supporting Organizations Become a Member...

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Energy efficiency: multiple and collective benefits for Europe and why energy efficiency should have a central role in DG ENTER strategy for a new EU industrial policy

This document provides an overview of the multiple benefits of an energy efficient Europe. The objective is to draw attention to: the economic, environmental and social potential of a European energy efficiency market   and to provide a multi-stakeholder contribution of vision and ideas for: the ongoing development of DG ENTR Communication...

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