High-level discussion on Spain’s recovery plan

EU-ASE and the Grupo Español para el Crecimiento Verde hosted an event on Next Generation EU and Spain

On Thursday 22 April (10:00-12:15 CET) we organised, together with the Grupo Español para el Crecimiento Verde, a high-level discussion on the Spanish Recovery and Resilience plan.

The aim of the event was, on the one hand, to analyse in depth how the expectations of the Government and different areas of the Administration regarding the Next Generation EU funds fit with the capacities of the industry and the private sector. On the other hand, to learn in detail about the mechanisms that will be used to channel projects funding.

The webinar Plan de recuperación, resiliencia y sostenibilidad social y ambiental para salir de la crisis saw the participation of representatives of the Spanish government and regional and local authorities.

The event was held in Spanish (no translation provided).

Watch the recording of the event on our YouTube channel

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