Statement by the EU-ASE Board of Directors on the occasion of the presentation of the “Clean Energy for All Europeans” package

BRUSSELS – The European Commission’s package is the first step to support the EU energy transition towards a carbon-neutral society early mid 21st century.

We welcome the proposed EU binding target for energy efficiency: it will give a clear market signal to the industrial and financial community and ensure a long-term framework for investments.

We have showcased energy efficiency as a success story, the business opportunity behind energy efficiency has been acknowledged, but by setting the target at 30% the European Commission has fallen short from unleashing the full potential of energy efficiency and the related benefits to consumers. The proposed target will not sufficiently push the EU beyond business as usual, but will maintain the current speed and rate of investments. Therefore, we urge the co-legislators to raise the level of ambition and reinforce key measures in the EED, EPBD, Ecodesign and Governance 2030.

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