At COP24, President underlines that Energy Efficiency comes first, but needs to work in synergy

EU-ASE President Monica Frassoni took part to the EU Energy Day, a long-day session organised by the European Commission on the framework of COP24 in Katowice, where she participated in the panel “Renewables, decentralisation and democracy: transforming energy systems”.

One of the very few energy efficiency voices present in the panel, during her intervention Frassoni underlined that Energy Efficiency First must indeed be central to all future planning, but that it needs to work in synergy with other actors of the energy transition, with especial emphasis on renewables. Citizens, which are at the heart of the change, must be included as active participants in the climate and energy discussions, she said.

After her intervention at the panel, Monica was interviewed by EU-ASE Member Danfoss on the back seat of a Tesla car. On this innovative, different setting, she addressed the untapped potential of energy efficiency and said it is “the golden bullet in our hands”.

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