Today, the European Commission unveiled its European Green Deal to address European and global concerns about the devastating effects of climate change.
The communication acknowledges that in the effort to reduce GHG emissions and achieve climate neutrality by 2050, energy efficiency must be prioritised.
This is good newssaid Monica Frassoni, President of the European Alliance to Save Energythe reduction of energy consumption is the first indispensable step to drive the energy transition towards renewable supply and contribute to emission reductions. The timing of Green Deal is perfectly aligned with the European Parliament declaration of a climate emergency as well as an unprecedented climate mobilization of young people and citizens from across the globe”.
The Communication lacks a specific reference to the Energy Efficiency First principle and the commitment to increase the 2030 energy efficiency target. “We believe that efficiency first must be absolutely central to the European energy system and should guide all future energy planning and investments. We look forward – concluded Monica Frassoni – to working with the Commission services to underline the social, economic and environmental benefits of systematically apply the Energy Efficiency First principle across the energy value chain”.

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