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At EU-ASE, we welcome into our ranks any organisation that is actively engaged in creating, nurturing, and furthering the success of energy efficient solutions for a sustainable Europe. And the benefits of membership are absolutely a two-way street (or highway).

Connect with Business Leaders

EU-ASE members are some of Europe’s most innovative and diverse businesses and entrepreneurs. Many of these organizations have radically changed their own business models and are taking the lead in deploying technologies and solutions throughout Europe and at a global level. EU-ASE enables these business leaders to join and work together to advance their common ‘cause’ of energy efficiency, foster good business practices and share ideas.

Make a Difference

Never before has the case for greater energy savings been so strong. By working together to push energy efficiency up the political agenda to where it should be, EU-ASE members are in a position to help reduce our dependence on our natural resources, to ensure that the European Union has a competitive and sustainable economy and to help save the planet by reducing the release of global warming gases.

Position Your Organization as a Vanguard Solution Provider

Membership allows organizations to further demonstrate their commitment to advancing energy efficiency in Europe as EU-ASE will only welcome in its ranks any organization providing energy efficient technologies and/or solutions.

Engage with Policy Makers

EU-ASE members will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with some of Europe’s most prominent elected representatives and their peers (our Honorary Members) as well as engaging with senior national, European and global policy makers through high-level political outreach. This will enable you to be abreast (and often ahead) of key energy efficiency related initiatives and legislative proposals and work closely to shape them.

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