Article 1 provides the general framework for the promotion of energy efficiency within the Union in order to ensure the achievement of the EU 20% energy efficiency headline target by 2020. In addition and more specifically, Article 3 requires that each Member State sets an indicative national energy efficiency target based on either primary or final energy consumption, primary or final energy savings or energy intensity. In setting the targets, Member States should take into account a number of provisions set out in Article 3(1).


As regards the EU energy efficiency target for 2030, the European Council agreed in October 2014 on an indicative target at the EU level of at least 27% (compared to projections) to be reviewed by 2020 having in mind an EU level of 30%. Therefore, the existing policy framework should be updated to reflect the new EU energy efficiency target for 2030 and to align it with the overall 2030 Climate and Energy framework.



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