Key recommendations on the European Commission’s long-term strategy for 2050

In this document, we summarized our reactions to and recommendations on the European Commission’s communication A Clean Planet For All. More information on our views concerning the EU long term energy and climate strategy are available in the EU-ASE position paper “Energy Efficiency accelerating the shift to a decarbonised Europe” published in October 2018.


Our key statements:

  1. We welcome the European Commission’s vision,  but call for further efforts to step up climate action and reach decarbonisation by 2050.
  2. Energy Efficiency must play a key and central role in the road towards a Climate Neutral EU. It is the most cost-effective way to achieve GHG reductions, align actions with the Paris Agreement and reach a maximum global temperature rise of 1.5ºC as stated by the IPCC report as the best way to slow down climate change.
  3. EU leaders must act NOW. The transition is feasible but very urgent. EU-ASE is eager to act together with citizens and decision-makers to shape the EU’s energy future in a just, inclusive way.

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