On Monday 19 June 2023, EU-ASE President Monica Frassoni spoke at Radio Radicle’s podcast: “High Sustainability – Goals for sustainable development in the new world disorder”.

The episode titled “High Sustainability – Goals for Sustainable Development in the New World Disorder” was hosted by Valeria Manieri and included the following speakers:

  • Michele Governatori (Head of Power & Gas at ECCO)
  • Ilaria Bertini (Director of ENEA National Agency for Energy Efficiency)
  • Monica Frassoni (President of the European Alliance to Save Energy)

The topics of discussion included: Environment, Car, Home, China, Climate, Competition, Consumption, Ecology, Economy, Building, Electricity, Energy, Renewable Sources, Photovoltaic, Gas, Globalization, War, Business, Industry, Pollution, Investment, Italy, Market, Saving, Russia, Health, Sustainability, Development, Technology, Ukraine, European Union.

The video recording of this episode is available here.


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