Energy Efficiency accelerating the shift to a decarbonised Europe

Climate change is defining our era. If our behavior doesn’t change, we risk missing the moment when we can avoid the disastrous consequences of climate change, for people and for the natural systems that support us all. We are at a defining moment.

The businesses call for a net-zero emissions reductions by 2050 at the latest, with the need for placing energy efficiency and smart use of energy at the center of the EU decarbonisation strategy.

Our key statements:

  1. Energy efficiency benefits European citizens
  2. A 1.5°C temperature goal for the world
  3. Net-Zero emissions by 2050 or sooner
  4. The “Energy Efficiency First” principle indispensable for achieving 1.5°c goal
  5. Energy efficiency and renewables work together to cut emissions
  6. An end to fossil fuel financing
  7. Energy efficiency benefits need to be assessed fairly

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