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Energy efficiency: multiple and collective benefits for Europe and why energy efficiency should have a central role in DG ENTER strategy for a new EU industrial policy

This document provides an overview of the multiple benefits of an energy efficient Europe. The objective is to draw attention to: the economic, environmental and social potential of a European energy efficiency market   and to provide a multi-stakeholder contribution of vision and ideas for: the ongoing development of DG ENTR Communication...

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“The case for energy efficiency and why the EU must act NOW”

In 2008, faced with the challenges of global climate change, security of energy supply and the increasing scarcity of natural resources, the European Union (EU) committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%1, pledged to ensure that 20% of EU final energy consumption would come from renewable energy sources, and called for a reduction in...

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“The EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive – An opportunity to support business whilst reducing our dependence on foreign energy supplies”

In June 2011 the European Commission published a new proposal for an Energy Efficiency Directive. The European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE), Europe’s first business led alliance on energy efficiency, had hoped that this piece of legislation would put Europe where it should be; at the forefront of the global energy efficiency market. Instead,...

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“Un Manifesto per l’European Alliance to Save Energy: l’efficienza energetica – la fonte energetica europea inutilizzata”

Mai come oggi il risparmio energetico è stato così importante. Una maggiore efficienza energetica è la soluzione meno costosa, più veloce, sicura, facile e pulita per garantire la sicurezza energetica e climatica. E’ un settore in cui l’industria europea è all’avanguardia ed in cui il giusto equilibrio di decisioni politiche e scelte economiche...

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“The EU’s Energy Efficiency Plan raises concerns among a new Alliance of business, civil society and political leaders”

Brussels, March 8, 2011: Today the European Commission published its much awaited Plan for Energy Efficiency; a new plan that aspires to put the EU back on track with its energy efficiency objectives. The European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE), a newly formed alliance of some of Europe’s prominent energy efficiency advocates including business...

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