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Energy-water nexus: accelerating energy savings for the clean energy transition

The link between energy and water consumption across sectors has been so far widely neglected, despite the economic and environmental benefits it can bring to European citizens and businesses. Water and energy are interdependent and should be considered in all EU policies with the goals to make Europe’s waters more resilient, affordable and accessible, and to support Europe’s energy efficiency objectives.Smart Water management across the water sector and across the industrial, commercial, and...

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Strategic investments for Europe – Evidence from cost-effective energy efficiency stories

We recognize in both public and private sector an urgent need to move from policy to practice and to replicate and scale sustainable technologies and practices. Doing so will unlock the multiple economic, environmental and social benefits that are needed to create a sustainable development pathway in our 21st century. This is especially true in the area of energy efficiency. Consequently, we are addressing one of the main hurdles to accelerated adoptions of energy efficient products and...

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