The amendment of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) is one of the most important changes that has occurred in the EU buildings sector in the last 15 years. At last, EU legislators have recognised that the biggest challenge in the buildings sector is not the standards we use for our new buildings but the ones we use to renovate our existing ones. In part because of hard work by EuroACE and others, awareness has been raised around the fact that our existing buildings consume more than 40% of all primary energy in the EU and emit more than 36% of our CO2 emissions.

It therefore follows that if politicians are serious about achieving the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement by 2050 and in delivering benefits to European businesses and citizens, then the buildings sector absolutely must be addressed. This unavoidable fact has been our key motivation in preparing this detailed guidance note on the amended aspects of the EPBD. We trust that it will be a useful reference document for public and private stakeholders that are engaged in addressing the challenge of improving the energy performance of our building stock.


Download the presentation of the speakers here.

Watch the webinar here.

Download EuroACE Guide to EPBD implementation here.

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