EU-ASE at EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network: Towards Net Zero Energy in Buildings.

On 01 April 2021, EU-ASE president Monica Frassoni participated in the webinar series “Towards a net zero energy in buildings”. Ms Frassoni took the floor in the first volume of the webinar series, which focused on policies, regulations, finance mechanisms and business models.

The online workshops were organised by the  European Union Delegation to State of Kuwait, the EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR). The aim of these workshops was to exchange relevant best practices, information and lessons learned and advance regional initiatives on the ZNE buildings principles in the context of energy transitions and climate change mitigation. It also discussed the challenges that the use of energy in the building sector in the EU and the GCC regions are facing and what can be done to transform them into business and economic opportunities.

This online events bought together policymakers, technology leaders, regulators, government representatives, and experts to debate the key challenges and opportunities by examining; policies and regulations, technology advancement, and current business models that could enable the ZNE buildings concept to emerge.

More information on the event here.

EU-ASE at Le sfide della transizione ecologica (Italy)

On 29 April 2021, president Monica Frassoni participated in the online event for the presentation of Edo Ronchi’s new book “Le sfide della transizione ecologica” hosted by Fondazione per lo sviluppo sostenibile in Italy.

Monica Frassoni underlined that there are still open questions in Europe: the Green Deal is not yet fully acquired, in the Climate Law there are still aspects to be improved and there are many uncertainties linked to the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities.

The debate was also attended by the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, MEP Simona Bonafè and Andrea Illy, President of the Regenerative Society Foundation.

Edo Ronchi, an engineer and politician, is one of the most influential campaigners for the ecological transition in Italy. Having served as Minister of Environment from 1996 to 2000 in three different cabinets, he was the first Green politician to hold a cabinet post in the country.

EE Global Forum 2021: Building Back Brighter

The numerous challenges and obstacles over the past year showcase that more than ever, the time is now to prioritise energy efficiency in our recovery plans. We are excited to partner with the Alliance to Save Energy for its EE Global Forum 2021 on May 4.

Every year, the Energy Efficiency Global Forum brings together the world’s leaders in energy efficiency to discuss pressing industry issues, identify emerging trends, and connect with peers from dozens of countries around the globe.

With the opportunity to accelerate economic recovery by investing in efficiency and creating an energy system that is more clean, equitable, and productive, this year’s Forum will focus on Building Back Brighter.

Register now for the May 4 virtual event.


High-level discussion on Spain’s recovery plan

EU-ASE and the Grupo Español para el Crecimiento Verde hosted an event on Next Generation EU and Spain

On Thursday 22 April (10:00-12:15 CET) we organised, together with the Grupo Español para el Crecimiento Verde, a high-level discussion on the Spanish Recovery and Resilience plan.

The aim of the event was, on the one hand, to analyse in depth how the expectations of the Government and different areas of the Administration regarding the Next Generation EU funds fit with the capacities of the industry and the private sector. On the other hand, to learn in detail about the mechanisms that will be used to channel projects funding.

The webinar Plan de recuperación, resiliencia y sostenibilidad social y ambiental para salir de la crisis saw the participation of representatives of the Spanish government and regional and local authorities.

The event was held in Spanish (no translation provided).

Watch the recording of the event on our YouTube channel

The contribution of water efficiency and energy savings to the European Green Deal

With this workshop, co-organised with the Maltese Ministry for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development, we explored policy, technological and practical approaches to fully realise the highly needed energy savings and achieve the emissions-reduction potential of the water-energy nexus.

Water and energy are highly interdependent (‘water-energy nexus’) and should be considered as such across all European Union policies. This would ensure the availability of Europe’s water resources, while supporting the EU energy and climate objectives, in particular those related to energy efficiency.

Energy is needed to abstract, distribute, heat, cool, treat and desalinate water. Water and wastewater sectors account for 3.5% of electricity use in the EU and that share is expected to rise over the next years. For municipalities, water and waste water facilities account for the largest consumption of electricity, representing 30-40% of local authorities’ total electricity bill.

Smart water management across the water sector as well as industrial, commercial, and residential water cycles can lead to significant energy savings. The key is to fully understand the energy-water nexus, its ability to generate water and energy efficiencies, and its contribution to deliver the ambitious goals of the European Green Deal.

The workshop featured:

  • A keynote address from Miriam Dalli, Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development of the Republic of Malta
  • An overview of the EU policy and regulatory framework related to the water-energy nexus by Veronica Manfredi, Director for Quality of Life, DG Environment, European Commission; and Robert Nuij, Deputy Head of Unit for Energy Efficiency, DG Energy, European Commission
  • Case studies presentations by leading businesses to support current EU policy implementation and future policy and regulatory developments
  • Q&A with the panelists
  • Conclusions by Simona Bonafè, Member of the European Parliament and of the ENVI and ITRE Committees

Watch the recording of the event on our YouTube channel

The full presentation is available here

Our publication:
Water-energy nexus and energy saving obligations: industry success stories