The Industry 2030 high level industrial roundtable was established by the European Commission in December 2017 to provide independent advice on future EU industrial policy action. It consists of 20 experts representing small and big businesses, traditional and disruptive industries, trade unions, innovation and research community, as well as finance and academia.

Following one and a half years of dedicated work, the group has now prepared a report with recommendations on the future of EU industrial policy strategy towards 2030.

The report sets out a vision of the European industry in 2030 as a global leader, responsibly delivering value for the society, the environment and the economy. Europe will build its competitive advantage on cutting-edge and breakthrough technologies, respect for our environment and biodiversity, investment in our people and smart European and global alliances. Based on collaboration and our common European values, this new industrial model will help to make Europe a role model for the rest of the world.

This industrial transformation is taking place in the context of long-term and structural global changes. We are facing a fast-changing geopolitical and economic situation, growing social and societal polarisation, an increasing role of digitisation and technology in all aspects of life, as well as climate change and other environmental challenges. To address these, our industrial transformation must take full account of the global Sustainable Development Goals, which provide a key global framework for fair and sustainable development.

In addition, Europe must respond to a series of specific and interconnected challenges facing our industries. A new European industrial model must ensure Europe remains a leader in technology, innovation and sustainability; support our citizens in developing the rights skills to embrace these changes and manage social fairness and wellbeing. At the same time, we must build a fair, agile and competitive business environment, while putting a particular focus on developing strategic value chains and value creating networks.

Turning the Industry 2030 vision into reality requires action and collaboration of policy makers at all levels, industry stakeholders and the broader civil society in Europe. The report identifies specific recommendations and game-changing actions that will help Europe better manage this fast and inclusive transformation, champion global competitiveness and address social inclusiveness and values.

These recommendations are geared to boost the transformation of European industry, by stimulating innovation and technology uptake. New policies are also needed to ensure Europe’s industry becomes climate-neutral, circular and resource efficient, with reliable access to low carbon energy and raw materials. To ensure our global competitiveness, Europe must further strengthen the Single Market while putting a new focus on supporting strategic value chains. Open, fair and multilateral trading relations will further support Europe’s global industrial leadership. Finally, Europe must also put into place policies and mechanisms that ensure fair and inclusive spread of the benefits of industrial transition.

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