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We help business leaders work together to promote energy efficiency in Europe.

Our members promote energy efficiency as the smart, sensible, and sustainable solution for European job growth and economic success.



EU-ASE at EEGlobal 2018

EE Global Forum 2018, being held May 21-22 at UN City and Odd Fellow Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark, is the leading international energy efficiency event, drawing hundreds of energy efficiency...


Following the continued progress after the COP21 in Paris and the new momentum gained through the Montreal Ministerial Meeting on Climate Action, the European Commission is organising a high-level...



To the kind attention of Donald Tusk President of the European Council

Dear President Tusk, RE: the next EU budget to drive the EU energy transition  We are writing to you on behalf of the European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE) and the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Building (EuroACE) whose members have operations across the 28 Member...

Media Releases

Good day today for energy efficiency

11 October 2017, Brussels: Today an important vote took place in the Industry, Transport and Research (ITRE) Committee of the European Parliament. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) were...

EU-ASE in the News

State of the Union – clima e energia, ora accelerare

Su clima e energia il discorso di Juncker è condito di buone intenzioni: molte le partite da chiudere e una novità di rilievo. Nell’indicare le priorità UE in materia di clima ed energia il presidente della Commissione europea Jean-Claude Juncker nel suo State of the Union si è posto nel segno della continuità con le politiche intraprese finora...

The vote you’ve never heard of – and why it can change Europe’s investment climate

A revision of the EU accounting rules on the treatment of public-private energy performance contracts would allow massive injections of investment into the EU economy. Yet, there is opposition from some national statistical offices — especially Germany –which have to take a position next week, writes Monica Frassoni. Monica Frassoni is a former...

EU under fire over ‘weak outcome’ of new energy directives

The European Union has come under fire over what has been labelled a “weak outcome” after energy ministers rubber stamped new EU energy efficiency directives. Earlier this week European Union ministers reached an agreement on new targets to be established within both the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the Energy Efficiency...

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